Safety around roadworks

Your Speed is our safety

CCF Tasmanian Branch has been actively working with the Traffic Management Association of Australia (TMAA), the Road Safety Advisory Council and the Department of State Growth in the development and promotion of the Your Speed is Our Safety campaign.

Unfortunately, too many road workers are killed on Australian roads each year. This campaign highlights the risk of speed and inattention of drivers and is designed to remind drivers that the people who work on our roads are fathers, mothers, or other family members.


As drivers, we know roadworks can be frustrating. CCF Tasmania CEO, Andrew Winch answers
some of the most frequently asked questions from Tasmanian drivers regarding roadworks

Q1 Why is there so much roadwork around Tasmania now?

The overwhelming message from the community is they want safer roads and action toward reducing accidents.

The Tasmanian roads being worked on have been reported as unsafe or a high-accident zone and these upgrades will provide a better travel experience and aid in getting all of us home safely.

Road works are an important part of the Tasmanian framework in ensuring locals and visitors are provided with a safe and reliable road network.

Road works also ensures the Tasmanian transport industry can move freight around the state quickly and safely and can get products to global markets.

Q2 Why not concentrate on certain sections/small stretches of road at a time rather than multiple sections?

Unfortunately, due to the short window of good weather in Tasmania, and especially with the wet summer we have had, we need to act quickly now before the harsh effects of winter hit us. Where we can, we coordinate our works to have the least amount of impact.

The weather, temperature and rain can all cause delays through the impacts of drying and setting of the road surface.

Q3 Why not remove signs when road workers aren’t there?

Even if you can’t see any roadworkers active at a site, the signs are always there for a reason and should always be followed for your own safety and the safety of other road users. The reduced limits reflect the road’s not safe to drive at full speed and could be due to not-so-obvious reasons such as loose gravel, machinery nearby, narrow lanes, new or no line markings, or changes to the road surface. Your Speed is Our Safety signage is in place permanently.

Q5 Are roadwork sites policed?

There is an emerging change in attitude by Tasmanians to the need for more enforcement around roadworks. 

Your Speed is Our Safety is working collaboratively with TasPolice and the Tasmanian Government to monitor worksites as a means of limiting safety risks to roadwork teams and the public alike. This includes using technology such as speed camera trailers.

Q4 Why wasn’t there an “end of roadwork” sign, up?

Contractors aim to display all necessary signage in order to meet National and State requirements. However these are temporary signs and they can sometimes be impacted by weather conditions, vandalism and theft.

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