Your Speed Is Our Safety awareness campaign springs to action

The number one priority of the Civil Contractors Federation, and its members, is workplace safety.

CCF Tasmania CEO Andrew Winch said that every day there are hundreds of Tasmanians working on our roads and it is paramount to increase public awareness around the safety of those road workers.

“It might be different to where most other people work, but the roads are our office,” Mr Winch said.  “Our members do everything they can to keep their employees and contractors safe on the roads, but unfortunately some drivers still put lives at risk. Sometimes drivers just aren’t paying attention and some simply ignore the speed limits in road work sites. This can lead to serious or fatal injuries to road workers and or other drivers.

“Inattentiveness and speeding are dangerous and put lives at risk of those who are building safer roads for all Tasmanians and we urge drivers to be patient, slow down and comply with road signs in and around road works.  “This year, the campaign continues to focus on the physical wellbeing of road workers whilst also highlighting the impact on mental wellbeing. Verbal abuse is also a concern for road workers who are just doing their job trying to keep people safe. The road worksite is no different to any workplace and everyone wants to treated with respect at work.   “As the warmer months approach there will be more and more people working on our roads. Our aim is to make sure that everyone who goes to work on our roads comes home alive and safe.

“The CCF would like to thank the Tasmanian Government for continuing to support this vital campaign.”

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