Stay safe around roadworks this holiday season

The Civil Contractors Federation is urging Tasmanians to stay safe around roadworks during the festive season.

CCF Tasmania CEO Andrew Winch said their members and road safety continues to be a top priority and reminds road uses to slow down for road works.

“We’re coming into the busy summer season, as tourism and larger gatherings open back up, we expect Tasmania’s roads to be busier than usual, making it even more important drivers slow down at roadworks,” Mr Winch said.

“We appreciate the inconvenience roadworks may be and when possible, the speed limits will be increased when workers aren’t there yet the message for drivers is simple. When you see the signs and cones, slow down and obey the zones.

“Even if you can’t see any road workers active at a site, the signs are always there for a reason and should always be followed for your own safety and the safety of other road users.

“Inattentiveness and speeding are dangerous and put lives at risk and whilst the majority drive to the conditions unfortunately it takes just one person to cause an accident.

“The reduced limits reflect the road’s not safe to drive at full speed and could be due to not-so-obvious reasons such as loose gravel, machinery nearby, narrow lanes, new or no line markings, or changes to the road surface.

“To help you plan your travels, take a look at the list of current roadworks and note if there are any changes to speed limits and road conditions.

“Over the next few weeks, we hope you enjoy the festive season and take the opportunity to visit loved ones or to get away for a break, and if you’re driving, please stay safe as we continue to improve the road network to connect Tasmania for years to come.”

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