School Based Apprenticeships

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A School Based Apprenticeship (ASbA) allows students in Years 10, 11 or 12 to combine work and training with their education to gain a nationally recognized qualification. In Civil Construction this is generally Certificate 3 in Civil Construction. These students attend school and work a minimum of 7.5 and maximum of 15.2 hours per week, either in school time or after hours. Students sign up to a training plan with the Employer, Australian Apprenticeship Support Network Provider (AASN) (In Tasmania these are MAS National and MEGT) and the RTO delivering the training package.

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The student is then supported to continue to gain their Year 12 TCE education whilst gaining on the job skills and experience and training.  They must continue at school in order to maintain their employment.

Why work in Civil Construction.

Outdoor Office

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Funding and Availability

School Based Apprenticeships are also available in other qualifications that are relevant in the Civil Construction Industry. These qualifications may be in Business, Business Administration, Finance or Information Technology.

Various forms of funding are available to support these apprenticeships and employers entering into the training contract. The ASN will be able to advise what funding you are eligible for.