National Road Worker Day of Remembrance, November 9

On November 9, CCF Tas will be supporting the national Road Worker Day of Remembrance, a day set aside each year to remember the men and women of our industry who have lost their lives or been seriously injured.

Road workers perform an essential role in the functioning of infrastructure crucially important to communities throughout Australia. Like anyone else heading to work, they have the right to go home safely. However, these last few years there have been far too many days where we have woken to news of yet another serious injury or death.

This Road Worker Day of Remembrance, each of our staff and members will be invited to participate in a moment of silence to properly reflect on the lives of those lost and injured working on roads – people they may have known personally and people whom they have never met, but for whom they still retain tremendous empathy – knowing all too well the risks of working near live traffic.


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