jobs - Project manager

on the frontline

Civil Project Managers get to meet many interesting people and can work on an exciting array of projects both locally and internationally.

You will be at the front line of building the cities, towns and infrastructure of the future.

They supervise subcontractors, attend project progress meeting and monitor compliance with building and safety codes and regulations.

What will I be doing? 

  • Negotiate the contracts of subcontractors

  • Determine operational compliance with regulations or standards

  • Communicate with inspectors and architects

  • Develop operating strategies, plans or procedures

  • Meet with construction managers

  • Manage project risk

  • Coordinate time lines

  • Develop environmental remediation or protection plans

  • Review land surveys, assess project estimates and budgets, inspect existing structures, create design plans and review potential safety issues.

  • Generate reports focusing on project progress, job status and costs.

  • Prepare operational budgets for green energy or other green operations

Get started with the CCF Tasmania pre-employment course.

Skill Level Needed (out of 10)

  • Planning and organizing 9 High

  • Numeracy 6 Intermediate

  • Digital engagement 6 Intermediate

  • Teamwork 7 Intermediate

  • Writing 7 Intermediate

  • Reading 7 Intermediate

  • Learning 7 Intermediate

  • Problem solving 7 Intermediate

  • Oral communication 7 Intermediate

  • Initiative and innovation 7 Intermediate

How to become a Human resources officer:

You can start out as an entry level Apprentice employee in civil construction, combined with study, do a diploma at Tafe, or a university degree in civil engineering with project leadership.

There are many great pathways into this career and the sky is the limit.

Training Providers

Further training and professional development is available through RTO’s, with funding via Keystone

What to find out more? 

Contact us if you would like to find out more about working in Civil Construction, Project Management.

View Project Manager Fact Sheet (PDF)