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The HR (Human Resources) department is a group who is responsible for managing the employee life cycle (i.e., recruiting, hiring, onboarding, training, and firing employees) and administering employee benefits.

They plan, organise, direct, control and coordinate the human resource and workplace relations activities within an organisation.

Human Resources teams can have a great effect on the culture and success of teams in the workplace.

What will I be doing? 

  • Providing advice and assistance on HR policies, projects, and procedures.

  • Assisting the HR Manager in recruitment activities such as preparing job descriptions, advertising roles, and conducting interviews.

  • Overseeing the onboarding of new staff and assisting in the development of onboarding procedures.

  • Preparing reports for the HR Manager and maintaining employee records.

  • Developing training and development programs.

  • Assisting with performance management processes and devising staff remuneration, rewards and recognition and wellbeing programs.

  • Dealing with workplace relations issues such as complaints, conflicts, grievances, and misconduct.

  • Coordinating workplace health and safety initiatives.

  • Organising counselling or support for staff members dealing with a workplace accident or personal trauma.

Transferble skills used on the job

  • Business operations and financial activities
  • 64%
  • Operating procedures and processes 13%
  • Records, documentation, reports, and
  • research 9%
  • Work activities preparation 6%
  • Environmental management 3%
  • Construction 3%
  • Communication and collaboration 1%
  • Data, analytics, and databases 1%

Compentency Level (out of 10)

  • Teamwork 8 High
  • Planning and organising 8 High.
  • Initiative and innovation 8 High
  • Numeracy 6 Intermediate
  • Digital engagement 6 Intermediate
  • Writing 7 Intermediate
  • Reading 7 Intermediate
  • Learning 7 Intermediate
  • Problem solving 6 Intermediate.
  • Oral communication 7 Intermediate

How to become a Human resources officer:

To become a Human Resources Officer in Australia, you usually need a tertiary-level qualification in human resources.

Training Providers

What to find out more? 

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