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Office Administrators carry out various functions within an office environment to ensure the administrative duties required by the employer are carried out smoothly. The role and duties vary widely depending on the organization, but Office Administrators tend to be well-organized and good communicators.

What will I be doing?

  • Help with office communication, which may include answering and making phone calls and maintaining correspondence
  • Coordinate space and office organization
  • Purchase and manage office supplies and equipment
  • Greet visitors that come to the office
  • Direct and help resolve information requests that come through reception
  • Data entry and administrative processes as required by the employer

Transferable skills on the job:

  • Business operations and financial activities 44%
  • Human resources 22%
  • Records, documentation, reports and research 16%
  • Communication and collaboration 9%
  • Data, analytics, and databases 5%
  • Customer service 3%
  • Production processes and machinery 1%

Core Competency Level (out of 10)

  • Teamwork 8 High
  • Planning and organizing 7 High
  • Numeracy 5 Intermediate
  • Digital engagement 6 Intermediate
  • Writing 6 Intermediate
  • Reading 6 Intermediate
  • Learning 6 Intermediate
  • Problem solving 6 Intermediate.
  • Oral communication 7 Intermediate
  • Initiative and innovation 7 Intermediate

How do I become an Office Administrator?

On the job training.

There are a number of vocational courses that develop business skills including:

Certificate III in Business Administration (BSB30120) and Certificate IV in Business Administration (BSB40120).

Diploma of Business (Operations) (BSB50120).

Diploma of leadership and management BSB50420

What to find out more?

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