Game changer for attracting talent into the industry

CCF has again run another successful women in civil pre-employment program, with another one on its way!

All participants in the courses have secured employment and the feedback from industry is great.

We have made a big step forward this month through the negotiation of the training start times for the Women in Civil pre-employment course. Many people are held back from starting a 6-week training course because they cannot get childcare for a short time on short notice, to cover the early morning starts, especially with no income.

By starting the training 9.00am instead of 7.00am, the participants can get the kids to school without needing to hire extra care for the duration of the unpaid course. Once they have a job in industry, they can book into long term childcare arrangements to cover the early on the job starts!

This is a game changer for attracting talent into the industry in these competitive times and our thanks go out to the CCF High Vis army professional who negotiated this change!

Minor changes can make a big difference to securing and retaining the talent for your workforce!


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