Your Speed Is Our Safety campaign launch

The number one priority of the Civil Contractors Federation and its members is workplace safety.

Every day, hundreds of our members and their employees and contractors go to work on our roads.

It might be different to where most other people work, but the roads are our ‘office’.

Our members do everything they can to keep their employees and contractors safe on the roads, but unfortunately some drivers put lives at risk.  Sometimes drivers just aren’t paying attention.  Frighteningly, sometimes drivers will deliberately drive at workers.

We’re urging people to remember that Your Speed Is Our Safety, with a new advertising campaign.

This year, we’ve decided to make the campaign flexible and more informative.  Ads will still deliver the key message, but they will also contain updates on where roadworks are happening and what to expect on our roads.

As the weather improves, there will be more and more people working on our roads.  Our aim is to make sure that everyone who goes to work on our roads over the next few months will make it home for Christmas alive and safe.

The CCF would like to thank the Tasmanian Government for continuing to support this vital campaign.

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