Current Campaigns

tailoring campaigns for tasmanians

CCF Tasmanian Branch has been actively working with the Traffic Management Association of Australia (TMAA), the Road Safety Advisory Council and the Department of State Growth in the development and promotion of the Your Speed is Our Safety campaign.

Unfortunately, too many road workers are killed on Australian roads each year. This campaign highlights the risk of speed and inattention of drivers and is designed to remind drivers that the people who work on our roads are fathers, mothers, or other family members. This humanisation of the campaign encourages drivers to slow down when travelling around or through road works.

From 2021 we have also tailored the campaign to be specific to Tasmania through the production of new radio advertisements. These will be updated regularly to reflect when and where roadworks are happening on Tasmanian roads and target drivers in those areas.

Your Speed is our safety

Building Something Big

Tasmania has a massive pipeline of works. Keystone, the peak body for funding workplace development in Tasmania has developed a campaign to attract people into the Building and Construction Industry.  Working in the building and construction industry will reward you in ways you never imagined.

Come and join us !