One to two years for a Diploma which will give you advanced skills and in-depth knowledge for para-professional work. Diplomas can provide a pathway to higher qualifications including degrees.

18 months to three years will lead towards an Advanced Diploma qualification, and the sophisticated skills and in-depth knowledge needed for senior roles. Advanced Diplomas can be used as a pathway to higher education or to gain a credit transfer into to a degree through a higher education provider.

Diploma and Advanced Diploma programs in Australia teach theory and practical skills in a wide range of technical and/or management functions.

  • There are usually no prior qualifications needed as entry requirements, other than English proficiency.
  • Some courses may require demonstrated work experience or prerequisite subjects.

Examples of Diplomas that may be relevant for the Civil Construction Industry include in areas such as Project Management, Engineering, Construction Management, Civil Construction Design, Leadership and Management, Accounting and in the HR/ Management or Safety areas.