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The Civil Contractors Federation Tasmania is the civil construction industry peak body and business association in Tasmania. CCFTas is the leading voice of the civil infrastructure design, construction and maintenance industry in our state.

We represent, promote, protect, connect, and service the civil construction industry, locally and nationally to ensure our members views are expressed and heard.

Civil Construction is a critical industry to Tasmania’s prosperity and productivity. We design, build and maintain the infrastructure critical to support our economy – tourism, freight and passenger movement, the export industry, agriculture, and our essential services such as water, power, and waste management.


Our organisation is led by our Board, made up of elected representatives for the membership base, and some of the most experienced individuals in the State. These board members work tirelessly to engage with government, clients, and other stakeholders to drive the best results for members. 


The organisation is focused on delivering value for members. Our sub committees are working on key areas of interest for our members to provide benefits for the whole of industry. Members will receive information from these subcommittees as they work through current issues and their resolutions for our members.


We are serious about delivering for our members. We lobby on their behalf, do budget submissions and press releases to ensure we advocate for our members at the highest levels. We meet regularly with the Department of State Growth over technical issues and are serious about ensuring the long-term viability of our members and our industry in Tasmania.

“Scientists dream about doing great things. Engineers do them.”

James A. Michener

Serving the industry

Since 1986

Civil Contractors Federation Tasmania is the Member based, Employer Association that represents and promotes the interests of civil contractors in Tasmania. It operates within a federation that has branches in every state and territory, as well as a National Office.


Nationally, CCF represents nearly 2000 Members, who in turn work in an industry of some 350,000 people. Of those Members, CCF Tasmania currently represents over 100 contractor and associate Members. CCF Members are involved in a variety of projects and activities including the development and maintenance of civil infrastructure such as roads, bridges, dams, wharves and commercial and housing land development.

As the Tasmanian Branch of CCF, we actively work with government and industry within Tasmania, to address key issues and improve the operating environment for its Members.  We also contribute to national policies and advocacy activities to ensure Tasmania is appropriately represented at a national level.

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Working with key stakeholders

Working with Government

CCF Tasmanian Branch has strong relationships with both sides of Government and ensures strong relationships are built with the government of the day. CCF Tasmania prides itself on the close working relationships with relevant Ministers and Shadow Ministers and their Advisors. We work together to ensure that the industry has a voice at the decision-making tables. CCF Tasmania also applies for grants to undertake work that benefits our industry and members. Recent grants have assisted us to build our Jobs Hub on this web site. CCF Tasmania lobbies the Tasmanian government on issues that are important to our members and our industry. You’ll find some of these items on the Advocacy Page (link to this page).

Working with Industry organisations

CCF Tasmania works collaboratively with other industry organisations to leverage synergies and benefit our members. CCF Tasmania has a close partnership with the Traffic Management Association of Australia (TMAA) and this has been integral to the Your Speed is Our Safety Campaign, and the implementation of the Austroads Guide to Temporary Traffic Management. CCF Tasmania also works closely with the Tasmanian Transport Association (TTA) on road safety and other issues. There are many synergies that we will be looking to leverage in coming years with Industry Associations as we further our Workforce Development Plan Action items.

Working with individuals

CCF Tasmania is the go-to Organisation for individuals working in the Civil Construction Industry. We field training and licencing enquiries, run networking and professional development events and provide up to date industry information to all.

Working with suppliers

Supplier or Associate members are an important membership base, and we promote their high quality goods, services and supplies at every opportunity. Our suppliers are also great supporters of the events we run. If you would like to see a Sponsorship Prospectus, contact us at ccftas@ccftas.com.au

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Representing tasmania on the national stage

The Civil Contractors Federation is an organisation registered under the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009. It is governed by a National Board comprised of member-elected representatives from each state and territory. Each branch has an elected board made up of Contractor Members who provide governance and strategic direction, and a Chief Executive Officer who is responsible for the operations and service delivery of the branch.

Civil Contractors Federation (National) is the peak body representing Australia’s civil construction industry, supporting members’ businesses and providing a unified voice to all levels of government. The CCF has branches in all states and territories and has around 2000 Contractor and Associate members nationally.

CCF members are responsible for the construction and maintenance of Australia’s infrastructure, including roads, bridges, pipelines, drainage, ports and utilities. Members also play a vital role in the residential and commercial construction industry by providing earthmoving and land development services including the provision of power, water, communications, and gas.

The CCF is committed to furthering the interests of the civil construction industry. We offer effective business tools and management systems, as well as practical advice in areas such as taxation, industrial relations, workplace health and safety, human resources, and environmental compliance. Through strong advocacy we influence government policy at Local, State and Federal levels.

CCF National also host events such as the National Earth Awards.

By virtue of your application, you will have dual membership of CCF Tasmania Ltd and the Civil Contractors Federation Registered Industrial Organisation.